7 Drum Shops To Visit Before You Die

Are you a die-hard drum fan? Maybe drum stores aren’t the popular talk on the internet or a common conversation but it’s still an awesome thing. Here are the 7 drum shops to visit online or location to visit before you die.

Steve Maxwell Vintage and Custom Drums

Steve Maxwell Vintage and Custom Drums happen to be the only custom drum shop in whole Chicago and Manhattan. They have a range of stock that is always updated which includes new and special vintage drums along with cymbals. They additionally have new heads, sticks, equipment, cymbals, drums, and books.

Drum Center of Portsmouth

DCP is located in beautiful downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire which is around 3 or 4 miles far from the town centre. Since New Hampshire State is free from taxes, it can be a pro to those purchasing lots of drum gears.

Drumcenter Cologne

Drumcenter Cologne boasts its exceptional notoriety and its products trading all over the European continent and some of the time even outside the Europe. They further offer the best items for drums which have to make clients happy and make the most of their instruments for quite a while. They are quite receptive to give any help and to answer all your inquiries. Located in Musikmesse, Frankfurt in Germany they also provide opportunity for visitors to see custom drum brands such as Craviotto, Dunnett Classic Drums, and Joyful Noise

Memphis Drum Shop

Memphis Drum Shop provides the novice, semi-pro, as well as professional drummer six showrooms which include electronic drums, cymbals, heads, vintage drums, acoustic drums, hand percussion, sticks, and equipment. Their three sites – memphisgongchamber.com, memphisdrumshop.com, and mycymbal.com, and have influenced to be a noteworthy player in the worldwide market.

Pro Drum Shop

Professional Drum Shop was established in 1959 in collaboration with Bob Yeager and Chuck Molinari with an end goal to give the expert drummer a store to get required part repairs along with purchasing convenience.

A ton has transformed in half century they’ve been functional yet the shop remains basically the same. Their equal drum parts as well as repair centre, historical centre, percussion dealership, and drummers hang. Recently, they’ve propelled online retail store so everybody can experience purchasing comfort from their own home.

Fork’s Drum Closet 

Fork’s Drum Closet is an experienced retail store in the whole music business industry. It has shown up in numerous periodicals all through its 35 service years to the drummer’s community.

Soultone Cymbals

Initially established in 2003, Soutone Cymbals’ founder is the amazing drummer, percussionist, and business person. Iki Levy opened the store attempting to address disappointments with the popular cymbal makers over the quality issues.

Christopher Cortez

Christopher, is a professional drummer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and also the lead editor of TopDrumGear based in California.

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Wolfgang Zimmer - August 25, 2019

Glückwunsch DrumCenter, das habt ihr auch verdient.


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