Best Drum Mic Kit 2019 – |BUYER’S GUIDE]

If you are a fan of drums or drumming in general, then it is safe to say that you already own a drum kit. It is either that or you are actually planning on buying drum mic kit but you are confused because of the sheer saturation of the market.

Be aware that is okay to be confused with such trivial methods, after all, chances are that this is your first time buying a drum mic kit.

best drum mic kit

With that out of the way, there’s a good news for you; the market is filled with wonderful drum mic kits from all sorts of manufacturers.

You have Shure, Audix and some other very trustworthy brands that have been making the top of the line drum mic kits as well as other great equipment.

For many drummers, a Shure SM57 on snare, Sennheiser MD421 on toms and AKG d112 on kick is all they’ve ever even tried. However, they’re wasting money & time. By just replacing one or two mics that comes in drum mic kit for a quality alternative you’ll be on the way to creating your own recording signature.

Best Drum Mic Kit 2019

Today, we are going to help you select the best drum mic kits you can buy currently in the market. For your ease and convenience, we have listed quite a number of them and left you with their pros and cons as well.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best Drum mic kits 2017.

1-Lewitt DTP Beat Kit Pro 7

The Lewitt DTP Beat Kit Pro 7 mic drum kit is a premium set of drum mics.recommended by audio engineers for professional use.This drum kit packs in many cutting-edge features to ensure ultimate performance.It contains 7-piece quality drum kit a DTP 640 REX, three dynamic DTP 340 TT microphones, two LCT 340 condenser microphones and one cardioid dynamic MTP 440 DM.Not to mention, the mics are highly durable and they look kick ass too. Let’s jump right in.

The Lewitt DTP Beat Kit Pro 7 mic drum kit offers a stylish sleek look, something that people will find familiar, The drum mic kit is aesthetically pleasing with its complete black construction with red accents along the antennas, it looks straight out of a gaming lineup by Asus.

What is in the box?Product Highlights
Lewitt DTP Beat Kit 7 Drum Microphone Kit


  • DTP 340 REX Dynamic Bass Instrument Microphone
  • 3 x DTP 340 TT Dynamic Instrument Microphone
  • 2 x LCT 140 Back-Electret Condenser Microphone
  • MTP 440 DM Dynamic Microphone
  • 5 x DTP 40 MTS Shock Mounts
  • 2 x LCT 40 WS Windshields
  • 4 x DTP 40 MT Drum Mounts
  • MTP 40 MCS Shock Mount
  • Black Aluminum Case

  • M82 Mic for Kick Drum
  • 7-Piece Drum Microphone Kit
  • DTP 640 REX Kick Drum Microphone x1
  • DTP 340 TT Dynamic Drum Microphones x3
  • LCT 340 Condenser Microphones x2
  • MTP 440 DM Microphone x1
  • Windshields & Drum Mounts Included
  • Black Aluminum Carrying Case

No bass drum phasing issues.

Flexible, dual element kick mic.
High-end sound quality.
Best overheads ever.
Excellent build quality.
Highly versatile mics.
Decent accessories.


Can’t think of any.

Here’s an audio sample of the microphones in action (click here).

2-Shure PGA Drum Kit 7

Shure PGADRUMKIT7 7-Piece Drum Microphone Kit

Most of the drum enthusiasts or users know Shure because of their top of the line microphones, quality wireless systems, premium listening gear, and other audio products. However, for those who don’t know, Shure is also at the helm for creating several high ends, top of the line microphones. The product we are going to talk about today is known as the Shure PGA Drum Kit 7, the drum mic kit is priced under $300 and it happens to be one of the best mic drum kits one can buy right now.

The Shure PGA Drum Kit 7 offers a complete package with a road case, mount accessories, cables and amazing quality mics…,The drum kit mic is aesthetically pleasing with its sleek black metallic industrial design and cardioid polar patterns that reduce background noise and feedback., it looks straight out of lineup by Shure.

SHURE PGA Drum Kit 7 Pack Tutorial: How To Mic Up A Drum Kit.


Excellent overheads.
Best ever price vs. performance.
Amazing kick drum sound.
Complete accessories / steady mounting.
Neat & durable design.


Non-removable cable

3-Audix DP7 Plus Bundle

Audix DP7 Plus Bundle

The next up is another premium drum mics kit packs a standard 7-piece setup, but this time, For those who don’t know, the company is famous for creating a plethora of top of the line drum mic kit that has become increasingly famous over time. Audix is a company that has dedicated itself towards providing top of the line, unparalleled audio hardware including their brilliant drum mics kits.

Audix has been in the microphone business for over 20 years and is based in Oregon, USA. The majority of Audix´s microphones are made in-house.

The product that we are bringing you today is called the Audix DP7 Plus Bundle,the kit honored with Musikmesse International Press Awards at the 2007 Frankfurt Music Fair as the best drum microphone product.

Audix DP7 Plus Bundle is a standard 7-piece setup drum mic kit five dynamic models tailored to capture the frequency ranges of snare, toms, floor toms and bass drum, and a pair of condenser mics for overhead and hi-hat duties.


Best quality per buck.
Easy to mount.
Professional sound.


You’ll need a decent PA rig. Not ideal for quiet players.

4-Samson DK707 Drum Mic Kit

Samson DK707 Drum Mic Kit

Samson DK707 Drum Mic Kit


The next up on our list is the Samson DK 707 Drum Mic Kit, the drum mic kit will not disappoint you. Although not that much expensive, the drum mic is something that is built for the drumming enthusiasts, it might not have the bling of the other routers that we have reviewed, but it comes with plenty of features that should be enough for both the average consumer and people who are looking to have some more.

Samson’s DK707 7-Piece Drum Mic Kit is an essential collection of professional quality microphones designed to provide excellent sound for close-mic performance and recording environments.


Excellent bass and overheads mics.
Balanced, overall quality sound.
Great price.


Non-removable cable

5-Telefunken DD5 Drum Mic Set

Telefunken DD5 Drum Mic Set

The last in our list is all the way from Telefunken.

For those who are wondering if this Drum Mic Set made it here by accident, then don’t. Telefunken has a drum mic set, and it’s pretty good.

Telefunken marque has always been associated with quality sound and construction.

The mics come packaged in very robust plastic hard-shell case.

The product that we are bringing you today is called Telefunken DD5 Drum Mic Set, it has a strong calibre when it comes to microphones, and is best known for its high-quality condenser microphones.the DD5 collection contains:

What is in the box?Product Highlights
Bundle Items
M82 Large Diaphragm Dynamic Microphone
Microphone Clip
Leather Carrying Case
M80-SH Dynamic Microphone
3-Pin XLR Right Angle Cable (16.4′ / 5 m)
Leather Microphone Bag
Microphone Clip
3 x M81-SH Dynamic Microphone
3-Pin XLR Right Angle Cable (16.4′ / 5 m)
Leather Carrying Case
Microphone Clip
2 x Drum Mounts
M82 Kick Drum Microphone Mount
4 x Metal Drum Microphone Mount
4 x Plastic Drum Microphone Mount
5 x SGMC-5R Stage Series Microphone Cable with 90° Right Angle Female XLR Connectors (16.2′)
Cable Tie Wrap.
M82 Mic for Kick Drum
M80-SHB Mic for Snare Drum
3x M81-SH Mics for Toms
Metal & Plastic Mounts
5x 5m Right-Angle XLR Cables
5x SGMC-5R five-meter XLR with right angle female connector and 1x FC80 Hard Shell Flight Case.


Excellent sounding mics.

Equally suitable for voice, snare drums, and instruments.

Low mass capsule and thin capsule membrane.


Price might be a bother for some.

Final Words – Wrapping it up

So, there you have it.

Overall, we think the Lewitt DTP Beat Kit Pro 7 drum mic kit is the best choice for professional drummers because of its high-end sound quality, flexibility, dual element kick drum mic, and a generous amount of included accessories. If the Lewitt DTP Beat Kit Pro 7 drum mic kit is unavailable, the Shure PGA Drum Kit 7 costs less & also offers an excellent sound quality and complete accessories.

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