5 Insanely Amazing Best In Ear Monitors for Drummers

best in ear monitors for drummers When performing on stage it’s crucial for you to hear what you actually playing, traditionally musician and drummers use wedges on stage to hear what they are doing.

As drummers struggle to hear themselves over the ever increasing dim, with the best in ear monitors for drummers you are able to get your mix directly into your ears using a set of earphones. in ear monitors meme

Look: Not all IEMs are created equally.

Most drummers think Any IEM system is better than no IEM system. But in my experience, there is a difference.

And today I have something that will make you feel like you have sound manipulation superpowers:

5 insanely amazing best In Ear Monitors for drummers that you can use right now.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best In Ear Monitors For Drummers 2017.

Quick Summary: Top In Ear Monitors For Your Dollar

Best In Ear Monitors For Drummers

1-RHA T10 High Fidelity, Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphone



RHA is just one of the companies that have perfected the art of in-ear monitors, their monitors have been around for years, and the T series is known for being one of the best. Although RHA can be classified as pricier than the rest of the in ear monitors, they justify the price by delivering some great features.

Today, we are going to be looking at their latest and greatest; the RHA T10; for those who don’t know, the T10s are basically the third iteration in the series that has enjoyed quite a lot of success. For starters, you are getting the same amazing sweat proof design and some nice upgrades.

This in-ear monitor provides impressive noise cancellation; In addition to that, you should also know that it provides interchangeable tuning filters, allowing you to alter its sound signature on the go. All in all, the RHA T10 is a wonderfully made in-ear monitor that gets the job done in more ways than one; they sound wonderful, and they’re really easy to carry. RHA T10 is constructed using metal injection moulding (MIM).

MIM is a new technology in headphones but is well-established as an effective way of producing intricately shaped metal components that are too complex to create using traditional manufacturing methods.

Overall, the built quality it offers is nowhere to be found from any other brand.Needless to say, RHA has done a great job.

RHA T10 by far is the best in ear monitor for drummers. The only complaint we have is that it comes with non-detachable cable.

Very powerful sound. Dynamic driver. 3-button iOS remote. One of the best noise isolation. Comfortable. Ear hook design
Non-removable cable

2-SoundMAGIC E80

soundmagic in ear monitors for drummers The next up, we are taking a something from SoundMAGIC, now you need to know that SoundMAGIC is just one of the few companies that are known for revolutionizing sound. Now, this may seem like an exaggeration, but in all honesty, SoundMAGIC is widely known in the audio industry for creating some of the finest in ear monitors, and in addition to that, they are also known for perfecting what we know as active noise cancellation.

Cable length is 1.2m and it is detachable compared to RHA T10 mentioned above. The 3.5 mm jack is angled at 60 degrees and gold-plated too.

A great thing about the earphones is that they are also very comfortable, and one shouldn’t really have any issues wearing for longer periods of time. Another good thing is that the earphones made of high strength aluminum, which make them highly durable and definitely will stand the test of times. One important thing to note is that the SoundMagic E80s don’t have an inline remote. They’re intended as an “audiophile” earphone, and therefore place the sound at the top of the priority list over bonus features. SoundMAGIC E80C comes with two different types of S/M/L eartips, a pair of double flange eartip along with a set of comply eartips.

Modestly priced. Solid build Great sound detachable cable
Nothing at this price.

3-Audio-Technica ATH-IM70 Dual Symphonic-Driver In-Ear Monitor Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-IM70 The product we are looking at today is called Audio-Technica ATH-IM70 in ear monitor headphones.it is used by many professionals drummers and are the first for many of those. The box contains a trio of different sized earbuds and a complementary Comply Comfort medium sized foam earbuds.Now as far as the performance goes,they have crisp, clear, rich, and accurate sound owing to the built-in dual Symphonic driver for good output.

detachable cables. Soundstage (for an IEM). Clear, warm, non fatiguing sound
Comfort could be an issue for those with smaller ears.

4-MEE Audio M6 Pro Noise-Isolating In-Ear Monitors

MEE Audio M6 Pro Noise-Isolating In-Ear Monitors Next up, we are going to look at something surprising. For those who don’t know, MEE Audio happens to be one of the best companies in creating all-in-one earphones for stage, gym, and street. MEE Audio M6 Pro Noise-Isolating In-Ear Monitors designed in collaboration with touring musicians, in terms of performance you’d be glad that the MEE Audio happens to be one of the better noise-isolating in-ear monitors in the market. Sure, it’s not the top of the line but what you’re getting here is rather decent for the amount of money you’re paying. Now the good thing is that these earphones are very comfortable and sweat proof, and the earbuds are detachable, allowing you to play cable free. In case you are wondering. The box contains protective carrying case, Comply foam ear tips, 6 sets of silicone ear tips, and extra cable;

Overall, the MEE Audio M6 is a pretty decent pair of In-Ear Monitors for the price you’re paying; You’re not getting some really, really high-end level of sound quality, but considering the value for money there is in this earphone, the deal is just too hard to pass on.

detachable cables. clear sound. moderately flat response. Very revealing sound. comfort. Price-Performance ratio.
The treble might be fatiguing for some.

5-Shure SE215-CL Sound Isolating Earphones

Shure SE215-CL picture

Shure company holds the credential of being as one of – if not the – most reliable manufacturer of earphones around. However, that is not the only feature.

This sound Isolating earphones packs in many cutting-edge features to ensure ultimate performance.they’re not cheap at around 100$, but they benefit from the detachable cable design and great cable quality that not only make them easy to store but also allows you to change any faulty piece separately. Although they’re made of clear plastic or shiny black, the built quality very great.

Easy to listen to. good comfort. solid looks and build. detachable cable design.
Not so comfortable.

Benefits of in ear monitors for drummers

In-ear monitors for drummers have several benefits, including reduced noise and feedback on-stage, as well as improved clarity to help you perform at your best.

Because the mix is sent directly to your ear without the interference of stage noise, so you can adjust the volume according to your personal preference to this in turn that will probably help you perform to your potential in addition by removing the wedges you significantly reduce the likelihood of feedback on stage this will also clean up the stage clutter. A complete in-ear monitoring system consists of a rack mounted transmitter bodypack receiver and a set of earphones each receiver can receive audio from only one transmitter. But one transmitter broadcast to multiple receiver packs letting several people listen to an identical monitor feed the transmitters typically sit in a rack on the of the stage next to your mixer.

Things you should look in Ear Monitors

Now that you have taken a look at all the major benefits of buying in ear monitors. We can start and look at some of the actual things that you should look for in the best in ear monitors for drummers. In all honesty, buying a pair of in ear monitors for drummers isn’t all that difficult. Especially if you are someone who has bought these in the past… However, if you are someone who’s relatively new to the field of in ear monitors for drummers, then you should know that there is quite a bit of struggle.

With that said, you shouldn’t worry because the sole purpose of this article is to make sure that you are thoroughly helped with your quest of finding the best in ear monitors for drummers that you’re looking for. So, without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at some of the things you should look for in a pair of in ear monitors

Fit and ComfortSound qualityActive Noise CancellationQuality ear budsDurability
The most important thing you should look for in when buying a pair of in ear monitors is the fit and comfort of the earphones.the problem is that the earbuds rely significantly on their fit to provide the maximum amount of passive noise isolation. Most earbuds in our list earbuds come packaged with multiple ear tips that are even made out of different materials. So, the good thing is that you can easily find the right fit. As for the comfort, who would want in ear monitors that aren’t comfortable at all to wear? the answer is obvious. So, whenever you’re looking for earbuds, just make that the review you’re reading does mention that the comfort level of the earphones. Make sure earbuds comfortable & fit.
 Being a drummer bad sound in ears is not acceptable, so sound quality must be top notch especially as a musician you definitely deserve the best of sound quality. Make sure the sound quality is top notch.
Another really important feature The ear monitors must have the capability to reduce the outer noise feature that has been popular for quite some time and actually is really useful for people who like to have the most amount of noise cancellation. Active noise cancellation works through electronic circuitry that manages to block all the outside noise.This will allow you to focus on the music without distraction protect your ears from long-term damage, especially as a drummer. Make sure that the in ear monitors you will buy come with active noise cancellation.
Bad ear buds can damage your hearing and cause you to lose sensitivity to some levels of sound when exposed to music for long hours or if volume turned up really loud. While banging the drums, If you get professional In-Ear monitors, then you will be OK as long as the volume isn’t too high. And you should never need to crank the volume because they are designed for noise isolation. Make sure you get a professional In-Ear monitors.
You definitely wouldn’t want your earbud to break in the middle of a concert. Every in ear monitor in our list is highly durable and sweat resistant. Make sure your in ear monitor is made of aluminum or high-density plastic construction.

What to do now?

  • Make sure that the in ear monitors you will buy come with active noise cancellation.
  • Make sure the in ear monitor is made of aluminum or high-density plastic construction.
  • Make sure you get a professional In-Ear monitors.
  • Make sure the sound quality is top notch.
  • Make sure earbuds comfortable & fit.


So, there you have it, folks! five of the best in-ear monitors for drummers tried and tested in order to help you make the best possible decision. Now you should keep in mind that finding a winner wasn’t easy, however, the one pair of in ear monitors that managed to stand out was none other than the Sony RHA T10 High Fidelity Thanks to the amazing Handmade, high fidelity dynamic driver, brilliant Noise isolating design, and overall great comfort across the board, choosing the RHA T10 High Fidelity as our favorite pick wasn’t really a difficult decision. We hope the list helped you as much as it was intended to. In case you feel that we left out some other best in ear monitors for drummers, feel free to let us know. This list is targeted specifically towards drummers and musician who are starting out rather than someone is already established and has used highly professional sounding audio products.

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