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Top 4 Best Drum Tuner [2019]

Best Drum Tuners

Tuning your snare drum is important for getting the best sound and life out of your snare. best drum tuner today come in all different shapes and sizes. There are many tools on the market that promise to help with the tuning process. Here we take a look at the best drum tuner as well as […]

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Best Drum Machines For Beginners [2019]

The Alesis SR16 is the best entry-level drum machine we recommend for most beginners. It stands out from the competition by delivering superior sound quality while being easier to use right out of the box thanks to simple menus and controls, plus it offers enough flexibility to keep up with a new drummer’s developing skills. Best Drum […]

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5 Best Drum Throne [For Big guys]: More Comfortable Drumming

multiple drum thrones for big guys

Finding the best drum throne for big guys may not be something that is often thought about by drum players yet it definitely should be. With drummers being naturally creative, expressive and sometimes downright flamboyant, consideration of the less glamorous, more functional aspects of playing the instrument can be a rare occurrence. For an overall music […]

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17 Essential Drummer Accessories: MUST Haves

There are hundreds of essential drummer accessories out there, and as a consumer, you probably feel overwhelmed with that much options available in the market. You’re gonna love this post then. Because we’ve painstakingly searched the internet to find the best essential drummer accessories and gadgets you must have and ignore the rest what you […]

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