17 Essential Drummer Accessories: MUST Haves

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There are hundreds of essential drummer accessories out there, and as a consumer, you probably feel overwhelmed with that much options available in the market.

You’re gonna love this post then. Because we’ve painstakingly searched the internet to find the best essential drummer accessories and gadgets you must have and ignore the rest what you can live without. What’s the best drum key ? What Cymbal Cleaner should you buy? What about the best stick bags for your hard earned cash?

We have been overwhelmed by all top 10, 20 or even 100 lists of the best drummer accessories… All we wanted to know the simple and plain gadgets which you must have. That’s why we decided to reach out to other bloggers seeking their best advice. At the end of the day, here are the results:

Essential Drummer Accessories — Overview

Let’s go over our top choices for best gadgets for drummers. In general, when you’re selecting essential drum accessories, you’ll want to pay attention to how many accessories it support, what type of hitches it’s good for, what the dimensions are, and what extra features it has. Don’t worry if that seems like customize a lot; we’ll go over everything in detail further in the guide.

This quick list will provide a brief snapshot of the best gadgets for drummers. It’s in no particular order, but each is perfect for a certain niche or need. No matter your drum or safety concerns, there should be something for you here.

1. Meinl Percussion Drum Stick Bag with Extra Outside Pocket and Floor Tom Hooks – for Mallets, Brushes and Other Common Accessories As Well, Black

Cleverly designed to hold 4-5 implements such as sticks, brushes, Rutes and mallets—the essentials! The bag features a hook-and-strap system

2. Stagg SBRU20-RM Telescopic Brushes –

  • Telescopic with comfortable rubber handles,White plastic brushes and perfect balance
  • Made by plastic. it is really lightweight but very sturdy
  • Brush Wire Length: approx. 15cm ( 9/16 inch);Full Length: approx. 32cm (1-1/4 inch)
  • Can be retracted for greater volume and articulation. Great for professional drummer playing and beginner
  • Package Including: 1Pair Drum Brush

4.Vic Firth Stick Bag

It’s worth investing in a good drum stick bag. It’s one thing less to stress about, and it makes it far easier to transport them around.

5.On-Stage MSA5050 Clamp-On Mic Stand Cup Holder

Vater’s Drink Holder features the same metal design and fastening system as their popular stick holders for supreme durability. The Drink Holder has an inside diameter of 3 1/2″, large enough for most drinks, cups, and sports bottles and securely fastens to cymbal stands with an easy-to-turn knob.

6. Meinl Ching Ring

While this ching ring is very well made, robust and largely undamaged by sticking, it does have its irks. it seems to work a lot better on the down beat, whereas there is a noticable volume drop on the down beat. Not awful, but not quite as good as you’d expect. personally prefer the type that mounts on the rod. This being said, it does the job to an acceptable standard and can be used in quieter settings. Again, the rod-mounting hi hat chings work slightly better for more Bonham style use of hi hat tambourines.

7.  Westone TRU Universal WM16 Professional Hearing Protection Filter Ear Plugs – 16 dB Advanced Filter Technology






Listening to live bands and live music for extended periods of time can cause potentially permanent hearing loss. Playing drums in a band is equally as dangerous to your hearing, so it’s best to wear a set of earplugs to reduce the risk of damaging your hearing.

ADVANCED FILTER TECHNOLOGY: The TRU WM16 reduces the sound by 16 dB, ideal for the professional who plays for hours at a time. This helps you avoid hearing damage

like tinnitus, hyperacusis, or long term hearing loss caused by listening to unsafe volume levels.

8. DrumDial Drum Tuner







Drum tuning is the process of adjusting the frequency or pitch of a drum. Although most drums are unpitched instruments, they still require tuning in order to remove unwanted overtones and produce the sound that the drummer prefers. Some drums such as timpani and rototoms are tuned to a definite pitch. Drums are tuned by tightening or loosening the tensio rods or ropes, which control the tension on the drumhead. Additional techniques such as muffling may also be used.


The DrumDial drum tuner easily tunes bass drums, rack toms, snare drums, and tympani without having all the constant tapping. The Drumdial does not measure the torque of the tension rod, but actual tympanic pressure. It will prove relatively easy to tune drums accurately. The DrumDial facilitates consistent tension for untuned and tuned membranophones.

8.Meinl Cymbals Cymbal Care Kit with Cleaner and Polish 

MEINL Cymbal Polish and Protectant Care Kit.is one of the largest cymbal manufacturer in the world and they have been producing high quality cymbals for almost 70 years. This MEINL Cymbal Cleaner has been specially formulated to clean and protect your brilliant finish cymbals in one quick and easy application.

This cymbal polish truly does work wonders. It restores cymbals back to its natural gleaming shine and collects all the dirt and residue that finds its way onto the cymbal surface.

How to use it?

All that you need to do is apply a small amount of the formula onto the cymbal and firmly buff it around in a circular motion with a soft, dry cloth. The chemical reacts with the grime on the cymbal and is able to be wiped off easily.

Applying a fair amount of ‘elbow grease’ I found I was able to really able to clean my ride cymbal back to its original shine. If you have lots of cymbals to clean I would recommend changing to a fresh cloth for each cymbal because the solution manages to pick off so much grime.

This is a fantastic cymbal polish and I found it managed to get rid of every fingerprint and stick mark that was visible beforehand. It’s a great value product that works exceptionally well, and this is why i recommend it as the best cymbal cleaner.

9. Slapklatz Drum Dampers Alien Green Pack of 4

I believe the title says it all. It does what it is supposed to do, and it is quite wobbly.

The construction of the podium seemed pretty sturdy when I first received it, with its ridiculous weight and all. Assembly was easy, although some of the screws weren’t perfectly in place. Nonetheless, I had no problem assembling this item. The only problem is that it is quite wobbly.

As far as the noise dampening goes, I haven’t gotten a knock or a call from my neighbor since the purchase, so I suppose it is doing what it’s supposed to do.

Slightly on the expensive side for the quality, but not bad.

10. Meinl Cymbal Bacon –

Meinl Cymbal Bacon adds a sizzle effect to any of your cymbals. Simply attach the ring to the cymbal top and let the chain dangle over the cymbal. Add some salty flavor to your cymbal repertoire today.

Meinl Cymbal Bacon provides that classic sizzle cymbal sound without the need for installing rivets.

11. On-Stage DA100 Clamp-On Drum Stick Holder

Vater’s Stick Holders feature a unique clamp-style fastening system and is adjusted by an easy to turn knob. Depots on both the Single Pair and Multi-Pair Holders are adjustable for infinite angle adjustment of the sticks. Because of the fastening system, you won’t find Vater’s Stick Holders falling off your cymbal stands, which is a very common problem with other brands’ Stick Holders.

12.TAMA QC8B4 Quick-Set Cymbal Mate 4pc/Pack

Quick release cymbal lock work really great for set up and tear down, making getting cymbals on and of stands in seconds, yet keep the cymbals on the stands securely without any fear of them popping off. The base threads onto your stand post and the metal lock is kept on by spring loaded balls that sit in a groove on the base. Press down on the lock and the locking balls are released enough to let the lock effortlessly come off. Really simple design. Set up and tear down has been incredibly faster than using wing nuts. TAMA makes some of the most innovative and well made drum gear available and this is no exception! These are finely crafted, precision made locks and are a smart choice for cymbal locks.

14. On-Stage DMA4450 DrumFire Non Slip Drum Mat with Bag, 4′ x 4′

Perennial problem…every venue has a wooden floor, so hit kit, kit slides. I have used mats, beer crates, gaf tape, you name it and still i find the kits slowly moves away from me while playing. So when I bought a new shell I thought I would buy a Drum Rug too. What a revelation. I put the rack on rug, the drums on rack, hit the drums and there was no movement. Played a few gigs and always ended up where I started from. The rug covered holes, bumps, rusty nails, you know the stuff you find in a venue. It even keeps my feet warm! I used a little tape to remind me where the rack goes and all i do when setting up is to roll out the Drum rug and place the rack. An added bonus is that the Rug denotes my drumming space and once its on the floor, neither guitarist or bass player go near!

15. Double bass drum pedal

Pearl Demonator P932







The Pearl Demonator is a single chain drive pedal from Pearl, one of the leading manufacturers that have helped set some of the industry standards for drum kit design.

The Pearl Demonator features award-winning DemonDrive pedals and Is of a long-board design ideal for heel-toe double bass players.
One of the most notable things about their product is the attention to detail throughout it’s production. You can make a fair amount of adjustments to the settings of this double bass drum pedal to get it in prime position with tailored tension for rapid rebounds.

They feature Pearls patented Click-lock spring tension keepers to prevent loosening during play and control core beaters, all renowned components from their best-loved double bass drum pedals.

The removable eliminator cam enables you to play with a lighter or heavier feel.

17.Gator Cases Protechtor Series 5 piece Padded Drum Bag Set

Drum Bags & Cases keep all of your drums, hardware and percussion safe and secure whist travelling between gig venues, and simply protect them from dust and scratches when stored away.


That wraps up my list of 20 “must have” essential drum accessories for every player.  Hopefully, you found at least one thing on this list you didn’t know about. Please feel free to leave a comment with some of your favorite guitar accessories that you can’t live without. I’m always looking to add to this list.

I hope that this guide has taught you a little more about drums and given you some peace of mind about making your next gig. You should have been able to narrow my shortlist down to only a couple of products that fit your needs. You’ve learned enough about the features to make an informed decision with the knowledge that every product on this list meets a minimum standard of safety and reliability.

Summing it Up

So there you have it fellow drummers. A list of essential Drummer Accessories and goodies that will make playing easier and fun.

Go on and treat yourself or the drummer in your life. With all those practise hours and hard slog, you deserve a few rewards!

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