What is Sony DrumNet?

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Artificial intelligence could be a real long-term revolution in the history of humanity. Basically, a machine or software behaves in the same way as human intelligence.

Of course, it can be used to perform relatively simple tasks. However, great strides have been made in areas such as medicine, which can detect diseases much faster than humans, with the potential to save millions of lives.

It should be noted that AI could also mean the disappearance of a multitude of tasks performed by humans. In this article, we come to talk about one of these cases, since an AI can replace the stacks of music groups. We tell you how!

Will Sony DrumNet Replace Human Drummers?!

Sony has announced DrumNet, a machine learning technology that can autonomously generate drum tracks. A feature that does not look great, because other tools are already doing the same.

The difference is that DrumNet is able to dynamically adapt to the music that sounds at this time From Sony, they explain that their goal is to directly use the existing audio tracks as input to generate the drum track as an audio output.

The company believes that DrumNet could be of great utility for the music production sector. If a technology of this caliber was massive, it seems logical that the batteries run the risk of disappearing, although Sony reports that “the goal is not to replace the musicians”, but provide them with better tools to make them more effective .

Various musical styles

To train your artificial intelligence, Sony experts have data compiled from 665 songs of different styles, including pop, rock and electronics. In all these, many instruments sound, including batteries.

Then they analyzed the battery data separately so that their AI learn to adapt to any style or duration of the song The results (which you can hear here) are pretty good and, although they do not do not sound exactly like the original song, we must admit that they are quite realistic.

More and more companies are immersing themselves in the world of music thanks to artificial intelligence. It is still too early to draw conclusions, but it seems that in the future, art will not only depend on humans, machines will also have their own role. Will we find images of a robot in a museum? Shall we dance in discos any musical hit created by an AI?

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